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BÉTON CIRÉ: the origins

BÉTON CIRÉ was created in 2013 by founder Amélie Le Roux, who draws her inspirations from the city and the sea, in order to offer each season a collection of timeless hats mainly inspired by Breton sailors. It was because her grandfather from Quimper, in Brittany, wore it in all weathers, that the designer decided to revisit the Miki, this docker hat and authentic piece that quickly became iconic in the city of Paris where the brand settled.
BÉTON refers to street and urban culture, whose codes are revisited with each new collection, while CIRÉ is a real nod to the north of France, in Brittany, and its yellow oilskins of fishermen. Over the seasons, the young Parisian streetwear brand then introduces new shapes of hats with the drive to become a key reference among headwear brands! The Miki or docker hat, in particular, quickly spreads beyond the borders of the City of Light and the French provinces to reach very diverse communities around the world.
BÉTON CIRÉ, at first, was quickly perceived as a hat brand exclusively dedicated to men, before it finally takes a turn towards a more unisex closet by integrating more feminine designs in its collections.

Authenticity and values

High-end products, the headgear is made in France and in Europe by hatters with carefully selected materials.
With a view to quality and a taste for authenticity, the Miki docker’s manufacture steps, for example, are meticulous and essential.
By carrying out these different steps, the many expert craftsmen obtain a high-quality Miki hat made to last:
- the cut of the fabric which constitutes the docker and done with gloves in chain mail
- the assembly of the hat practiced by specialized workers who will also sew its leather tab and its two paddles logo
- the handmade pamper step which gives the Miki hat its perfect round shape
BÉTON CIRÉ's creative team, which diversifies each season by including new hats shapes in its collections, wants to respect each stages of the manufacturing process, as long as the heritage behind each new headgear that make up the brand: the beret, the bob, the trawler or sou’wester hat, the cap through its different cuts and finally the wool beanie.

BÉTON CIRÉ constantly revisits tradition with a new eye and a touch of audacity. Unifying their community and making them proud through sustainable produced items is the main motivation of the young brand which offers hats that are casual, with a touch of originality and ultimately adapt to all types of wardrobes.

Fabrics, colors and inspirations

The design of each collection, which starts through a moodboard of inspirations and the choice of themes for the season, continues with an attentive search for materials and colors.
The denim material, the flagship and exclusive element of the Timeless docker hats collection, is very important for BÉTON CIRÉ which made it its favorite material from its very beginnings!
This one is carefully selected for its robustness and quality, as well as for cotton, a recurrent fabric each season. Over the different collections, new materials such as linen, velvet, merino wool and leather are also essential for the brand.
The colors, which make up the different ranges of hats, are determined according to the trends of the season and the inspirations of the creative team. Influences are mainly driven from the musical universe, through its greatest icons, and the cinematic universe, through, for example the one of American director Wes Anderson and his pastel colors and retro aesthetics movies.
Finally, the main source of inspiration behind each collection corresponds to the primary DNA of BÉTON CIRÉ, which was born from the parallel between the marine and the urban world. The brand bet’s is to combine the wardrobes of the seaside’s provincial and the city dweller who loves street art in order to rally these two universes and create a symbiosis.
The #MikiAddict, and also each member from BÉTON CIRÉ community, has a taste for exploration and adventure, no matter the preferred environment is. The creative team transcribes to each of the collections this curious spirit driven by the search of novelties.

BÉTON CIRÉ community

The diversity of the brand's community is felt very quickly at its beginning and is reflected today through the many points of sales around the world.
From the Province’s most casuals and workwear styles’ shops, to the major capital cities specialised concept stores, BÉTON CIRÉ charms a very wide audience which perfectly knows how to adapt the accessory to their style. The brand has the opportunity, at its beginning in 2013, to propose its docker hats to Colette, the famous Parisian shop world famous. BÉTON CIRÉ is now present at resellers as high as Colette and known for their meticulous and strict selection such as the Dover Street Market in New York, MERCI in Paris, Kapok in Hong-Kong or Societe Anonyme in Florence, Italy.
This desire to extend its range of headwear to all types of audiences is also reflected through the many brands with which BÉTON CIRÉ has already collaborated, such as Maison Château Rouge, Junya Watanabe for COMME DES GARÇONS, Homecore, Guy Cotten and Daily Paper ( release scheduled for 2020).

BÉTON CIRÉ is proud of its caring and good-natured community, which sends positive vibes everyday, such as on its Instagram account where many #MikiAddict enjoy tagging and sharing their looks with a BC hat! Beautifully mixed, the community is composed with individuals of different styles: casual chic, urban or streetwear, normcore, trendy / hype, hipster, outdoor, riders and even seniors!

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