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Béton Ciré

Some waves on the asphalt. That's what Amélie Le Roux imagined when she created Béton Ciré in 2013.

The brand draws its inspiration from the city, the sea and the journeys, and intends to brighten the head of every urban pirate who explores the city with a long-board, an oilskin on the shoulder, wandering along the canals and the shipyards with this authentic sailor hat from French Brittany.

Amélie originally got the idea from her grandfather, who always sported a miki. It  followed him through wind and storm, through city and sea. 

The miki soon became the young Parisian brand’s iconic product. 

Halfway between the cap and the beanie, unisex and timeless, the authentic hat is crafted by French hat makers. No visor, in case of strong winduncovered ears to pay close attention to the slightest noise of a wave.

Béton Ciré’s miki is changing, it’s now unisexe and timeless.

Carefully manufactured in France by expert headwear craftsmen, using only noble and authentic material to create a high end product.

From season to season, Béton Ciré has added new hat and beanie designs to the collection, driven to become an influential player in the headwear field.

Béton Ciré - fabrication

Why Béton Ciré?

Béton – meaning concrete in French – recalls the street and urban culture that inspires our head designer. Ciré – meaning waxed – is an ovation to Brittany’s fishermen and their distinctive yellow waxed raincoats.




In the respect of quality and authenticity, Béton Ciré has chosen to work with traditional craftsmen from a select factory in the south of France.

Here are some steps of our hat crafting process :

Béton Ciré

Béton Ciré

  • The design of the collection
    First comes the gathering of images which will influence the style of the season..
    The designing of the collection is next to follow, research in materials which reflect these inspirations.

  • Samples
    The Miki’s production begins by cutting the patterns from the fabric we have meticulously chosen. Several test and adjustments will be necessary before the approval of the sample and the launching of the final production.

  • The cutting
    he tailor will cut 6 fabric pieces in order to sow the Miki with some chain mail gloves. The cut will be made either by scissors or directly with the sewing machine.

  • The assembly
    The assembly of the Miki is made by skilled workers, which, by habit of repeating the process, can now do it impressively fast.

  • The attachement of the leather strap and the embrodery of the logo
    Once the Miki is in shape, the leather scratch is stiched to the backside. The two oars logo is embroided on the hem before the assembly beetween the hem and the strap.

  • The pamper step
    This is the last step of the process, and the most important one. Only one person is able to perform it, Antoine. He is the only craftsman to have this savoir-faire in our hat factory. Every single miki passes beetween his expert hands. Antoine reshapes the hat one last time in order to give it its final round form. Thanks to the pamper step, the Miki will keep its shape permanently.

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