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85,00 €

Cap hat 5 Panels with flat visor Unisex and Made in Europe

85,00 €

Cap hat with curved visor Unisex and Made in Europe

85,00 €

Cap hat with curved visor Unisex and Made in Europe

85,00 €

Cap hat 5 Panels with flat visor Unisex and Made in Europe

90,00 €

5 Panels cap with flat visor Unisex and Made in Europe

85,00 €

Cap with flat visor Unisex and made in Europe

79,00 €

City Cap Denim Unisex and timeless

79,00 €

City Cap Blue Denim Unisex and timeless

79,00 €

City Cap Black Denim Unisex and timeless


Le couvre-chef incontournable

From 19th century, from to the military closet, to the heads of the greatest sportsmen and women and even to the podiums for the greatest Fashion luxury brands, the cap has without a doubt a timeless and unstoppable history!

It is a real trend that does not run out by becoming almost an institution on its own in the late 1980s, early 1990s, a period during which the cap finally takes up the streets and becomes one of the essential and predominant accessories of street and urban culture.

These last two decades have therefore been marked by countless comebacks of this headwear which has become a must-have for all types of looks, including fashionistas. A luxury, chic element or a major piece of the daily and casual style, the cap owes its notoriety above all to its different versions: fitted, gavroche, cyclist, 5 or 6 panels, snapback or strapback and many others!

BÉTON CIRÉ’s cap designs

The brand proposes two styles of the cap that appeal and attract the #MikiAddict who from time to time will swap his/her Miki hat for another shape, this time with a visor.

The Laffite cap, or captain's cap, with a detached spirit is rather elegant and is intended for a more feminine closet, but can also be placed on a man's head thanks to its elegance and according to the materials in which it is coming.

The second cap shape highlighted by the brand is the City Cap. Less connoted marine, it is still built on the same basis as the upper part of the Miki hat, in 6 panels, and keeps its button covered and its leather strap, the house's trademark. Urban and casual for men's and women's wardrobe, it adds a casual or stylish touch to your silhouette.

The different versions

At BÉTON CIRÉ, the cap is high-end and displays high quality fabrics such as linen, corduroy velvet and wool according to the seasons and the different collections.

As BÉTON CIRÉ’s Miki hat, the cap dares to use patchwork of materials, prints, vibrant colors, sports materials such as cotton pique but also the resistance of denim for a real cool and resistant city cap for any weather!

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