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79,00 €

Genuine French marine beanie, fully knit in BritannyUnisex & Timeless

79,00 €

Genuine French marine inspired knitted beanie Unisex & Timeless


The BC docker beanie hat

The Miki hat or the iconic piece by BÉTON CIRÉ, is available in a beanie (the oldest headwear known to date) for the chilly ones who will wear it short or in a more covering way at their convenience. It is suitable for protection from the sea breeze if you are lucky enough to live by the sea but also against the weather in cities thanks to the 100% wool threads that provide warmth and strength. It is therefore the perfect solution against cold weather in Winter.

A knit that fits all styles.

Designed like a docker hat, the brand's beanie, originally called "Torpille hat" because of its resistance, will satisfy those in search of an essential and practical accessory but above all original and very trendy due to its shape similar to the Miki docker hat.

It is knitted in a jersey stitch tight enough to keep the head warm while remaining flexible and comfortable to wear.

The wide hemstitch allows you to adjust the way you wear it: for a street look you wear it very short over your ears or for a more casual look you leave the hemstitch wide and covering. The beanie is available in classic and timeless colors such as grey, navy blue and black for example and its embroidery is tone-on-tone.

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